The Lake Havasu City Seventh-day Adventist church proudly participates in a fantastic ministry known as Arizona Origin Science Association. The Arizona Origin Science Association (AZOSA) states that they believe in and share the following beliefs:

  • • The universe and everything in it was created by God rather than by spontaneous generation and development from one kind to another.

  • • All creation was accomplished in six consecutive literal days, not over millions of years, and the earth is relatively young (thousands not billions of years).

  • • There is a Divine Design and purpose in nature as opposed to an unorganized random and chance development.

  • • A world-wide, historical Flood, caused by God, occurred at the time of Noah. It was not just a local flood.

  • • The Bible is the inspired, revealed Word of God to man and is accurate in all areas.

  • • Jesus Christ is God and is the only substitute and Savior through whom man is redeemed from sin.

The AZOSA ministry is a vibrant ongoing ministry! It will change your perspective, and you are sure to be blessed! Please see our calendar and upcoming events for updates on dates, times, location, and speaker for our next event!

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